Dick Lowe is 64 years old and has been teaching for 21 years. He grew up in a small town in Oregon and had the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports. He played football in high school and college, basketball in high school, college, and city leagues, ran and jumped on his high school track team, bowled on a touring team, played baseball in high school, American Legion, and semi pro in Portland. He continued playing ASA slow pitch softball through his 41st year.Maui Golf Instruction

He has a wealth of experience as a skilled amateur athlete. He has a unique ability to teach athletic movements utilizing his students experience in sports. If they are inexperienced at golf but play softball, tennis, basketball, etc. he can draw on that experience to relate the commonality of these sports.

On the limitation side he spent 13 years wrestling timbers in old growth sawmills. It made him very strong but did not make him more flexible. Like most of his students he cannot create a tour length back swing. But as he had already learned from slow pitch softball you need to get your initial power out of your legs. He also knew that you must keep your back very straight to avoid injury. From bowling he learned to make a religion out of target line.

At the end of his 41st summer he got serious about golf again and started from the first day with the assistance of an elderly pro. He established a path that would help him build a solid swing and that would also keep him injury free. In the process he watched his teacher struggle with students who were not athletic but did not lack for strength. His teacher was 5' 6" tall and had very little athletic experience outside of golf. Dick was able to assist by relating the desired movement to other sports that the student had played or was familiar with. Another challenge for shorter pros is they do not understand some of the limitations taller players have. Taller players unwrap more slowly and need to play the ball a bit more forward in their stance. They also need to adjust the angle of their clubs more when the ball is played a bit back their stance. They also need a flatter attack angle to the ball. Shorter players have a naturally flatter attack angle.

The more he learned the more he realized that a large part of the golfing population was being poorly served. That was the genesis of Puny Mortal Golf.